Minicon 2021

IPMS Eagle Squadron is pleased to announce our

MiniCon 2021 event | May 16, Noon-4pm

Registration closes 1PM

Hangar18 Hobbies
112 Kilmayne Drive
Cary, NC 27511


The event will feature a swap meet, so bring kits you want to sell or trade (NO VENDORS PLEASE!) and pick a parking spot.  There is NO CHARGE for the swap meet, so come on out and set up your tailgate table!

As an added bonus, we’re also featuring a Mini-contest with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Limited Space. Limited Categories.

Unlike traditional contests in the past, this event is much smaller in scope.  Because of the limited space we have available for contest entries, we have reduced the overall number of categories.  Foot traffic in the contest area will be limited in keeping with our need to practice social distancing in the exhibit area. We feel that this is the best way to conduct an event of this nature, while keeping everyone’s safety in mind.

Registration Details

$15 per entrant, limited to 3 models per person, with only 1 model per category.

In order to provide folks an opportunity to participate in a much smaller venue, we’re restricting the number of entries per person to a maximum of 3 models, and you may enter only 1 model in any category.  We know that’s not ideal, but these are not ideal times.  This limitation will help us to work within a smaller space, plus, it helps avoid sweeps in any category.

Please keep in mind that this will be a social distancing event, and face masks will be required to participate

Downloadable Flyer, Documents, Event Forms

Downloadable Flyer (PDF)

Downloadable Participant/Registration Entry form (PDF)

Downloadable Model Entry form (PDF)


Please note, that due to space limitations, no dioramas!

Despite the smaller venue and categories, MiniCon 2021 will follow judging guidelines and regulations as described in the IPMS/USA competition handbook available online at www.ipmsusa.org. Categories below have been set up to match IPMS guidelines where possible. The head judge reserves the right to split. A No Sweeps rule is in effect. A unique winner will be selected within each category for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. The contest is open to all scale models except those winning a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finish at the IPMS Nationals or a 1st place finish at an IPMS Regional contest.

DISCLAIMER Although accidents can happen, reasonable care and security will be applied to the material on display. IPMS, IPMS Eagle Squadron, Judges, and Hangar 18 assume NO liability for lost, stolen or damaged items.


1A –Jets, all scales
1B –Props, all scales
1C –Rotary wing, all scales
1D –Out-of-the-Box, all types, all scales


2A –Armored Vehicles, all scales
2B –Soft Skin, all scales
2C –Artillery, all scales
2D –Out-of-the-Box, all types, all scales


3A –Surface vessels-Powered, all scales
3B –Surface vessels-Sail, all scales
3C –Subsurface, all scales
3D –Out-of-the-Box, all types, all scales

Vehicles (Non-military)

4A –Stock (Factory Make) cars/trucks etc, all types, all scales
4B –Custom (Non-factory additions, modifications, etc) cars/trucks etc, all types, all scales
4C –Racing, all types, all scales
4D –Out-of-the-Box, All scales

Real Space/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

5A –Real Space, all types, all scales
5B – Scifi ground vehicles (armor, suited, etc)
5C – Scifi flying vehicles (space and flight)
5D – Out of box, all scales, all genres

Gundam, all types, all scales

6A — UC, all scales
6B — Non-UC, all scales
6C — Out of box, all scales


7A – Foot or Mounted, all types, all scales
7B – out of box, all scales


8A – All types, all scales

*Additional categories may be created at the event at the discretion of the contest committee; head judge reserves the right to create category splits

Contest Rules

ELIGIBILITY All entrants must be registered. Absentee entries will be accepted if registered under the builders name – registration fees apply. All entries must be the sole work of the builder listed on the entry form. Membership in IPMS/USA is not required. The contest is open to all models except those that have won any award at an IPMS National Convention, or a 1st place in a IPMS Regional Convention or are Factory assembled & finished (i.e. die-cast collector cars & trucks, aircraft, armor, figures, etc.)

GUIDELINES Pre-painted entries will be allowed ONLY in the junior categories. Modelers of any age may enter any category except those designated for juniors. Entrants in Junior Categories are for modelers 17 years and under only. No nude or lewd models. The Head Judge may exclude/remove any entry considered to be inappropriate or offensive. No one will be allowed to enter the contest area prior to registering ALL their entries. Reasonably sized bases are allowed in all categories, but will not be judged.

CATEGORY SELECTION The Entrant will determine the category of each of their entries. If there is doubt as to the appropriate category, the Registrar may provide assistance. A model can only be entered into a single category. At the time of judging, the Head Judge will make the final decision if changes are necessary. All decisions of the judges are final. Attempts to influence the judges will result in immediate disqualification from all categories entered. No judge may rule on a category in which they are entered. Out-of-the-Box (OOB) entries MUST include kit plans with entry.


  1. Kit’s instruction sheet or photocopy of such MUST accompany the entry (placed under entry form). Instructions on any electronic device are NOT acceptable.
  2. Any commercially available kit may be used. Any parts provided in the kit may be used, regardless of their material (i.e., brass, resin, plastic, etc.). Generally, only parts that are included with the kit and found in the bag or box may be used.
  3. All finishing techniques are allowed. Decals other than those included with the kit may be used. Insignia, markings, and instrument panels may be hand-painted. Weathering is permitted.
  4. The modeler may fill seams, and gaps; sand off rivets; drill out gun ports, exhaust pipes, or other appropriate openings; thin to scale such parts as trailing edges, flaps, and doors; re-scribe panel lines lost in construction; and add rigging and antennas; or cut/open kit canopies. Tape or paper belts are permitted but seat belt buckles must
    be made of paper or tape.
  5. It is NOT permitted to: vacuum-form, manufacture, or replace any part, or substitute parts from another kit; cut or separate surfaces, hatches, doors, etc. (no major surgery); combine a standard kit with a conversion kit; or add anything other than specified on the instruction sheet.

INAPPROPRIATE ENTRIES In keeping with the newly adopted standard by IPMS USA, the Chief Judge will exclude/remove from competition any entry considered by Contest officials to be inappropriate or offensive to generally acknowledged standards of taste and acceptability. The following are prohibited in competition and may not be placed on display:

  1. There shall be no depiction of excretory functions depicting any human being or animal.
  2. There shall be no depiction of sadomasochistic activity, equipment, settings or situations, to any degree, regardless of whether there are figures in the model and
    regardless of whether any figures present in the model are clothed.
  3. There shall be no depictions of explicit sexual conduct, bilateral or autoerotic, regardless of degree and regardless of the clothing-status of the participants that involves the touching of the breasts or genitals or other erogenous zones of any depicted figure.
  4. There shall be no depiction of any nude human male or female figures where the genitalia of the figure are exposed where the clear intent of the same is to portray a sexual scene.

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