RDUCON RULES – Current for RDUCON 2017

Eligibility: All entrants must be registered. Absentee entries will be accepted if registered under the builders name – registration fees apply. All entries must be the sole work of the builder listed on the entry form. Membership in IPMS/USA is not required.

The contest is open to all models except those that have won any award at an IPMS National Convention, or a 1st  place in a IPMS Regional Convention (with the exception of the Ace-of-Aces category) or are Factory assembled & finished (i.e. die-cast collector cars & trucks, aircraft, armor, figures, etc.)

Pre-painted entries will be allowed ONLY in the junior categories. The Junior Categories are for modelers 17 years and under. Juniors can however enter any of the other categories. No nude or lewd models. The Head Judge may exclude/remove any entry considered to be inappropriate or offensive. No one will be allowed to enter the contest area prior to registering ALL their entries.

Reasonably sized bases are allowed in all categories, but will not be judged, except in the diorama categories. For powered entries, and/or bases exceeding 300 sq. inches, you must contact us in advance as contest space is limited.

The Entrant will determine the category of each of their entries. If there is doubt as to the appropriate category, the Registrar may provide assistance. A model can only be entered into a single category. At the time of judging, the Head Judge will make the final decision if changes are necessary. All decisions of the judges are final. Attempts to influence the judges will result in immediate disqualification from all categories entered. No judge may rule on a category in which they are entered. Out-of-the-Box (OOB) Entries MUST include their kit plans with entry.


Best WWI Subject: Any WWI Model.

Best WWII “Turning Points in 1942” Subject: WWII subjects modeled as they would have appeared in the year 1942. (Documentation for obscure subjects should be provided.)

Best Pony Car Subject: Celebrate the Camaro’s 50th Anniversary with any Pony Car Wars model. (Camaro/Firebird, Mustang/Cougar, ‘Cuda/Challenger, AMC Javelin)

Best Vietnam War Subject: Any Vietnam model.

Best Six-Day War Subject: Any model of a combatant in the 1967 conflict. (Documentation for obscure subjects should be provided.)

Best Naval Aviation Subject: Aircraft that land on ships, or aircraft carrier subjects.

Eagle Squadron Award (Battle of Britain): Chosen by ES members, the best BoB subject. (Documentation for obscure subjects should be provided.)