Early WW2 French roundel request

Started by Ibra T, Thu 08/31/17 07:30 PM

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Ibra T

I am working on an old Heller Dragon Rapide and chose the Armee de l'air navigator school color scheme.  The decals are old and yellowed and fragile.   I could not get the decals to behave on the upper wings with micro sol.  I have already damaged the edges.  Is there anyone out there that can spare a nice pair of 1938-1943 12mm Armee de l'air roundels?  Or have a good set of newer Heller decals(mine must be 30 years old).   I tried to replace with a Frog Maryland set but the register was awful and there was a white surround. 

I would be also willing to observe some one fabricate new ones on decal paper.  Maybe a future club meeting item?