Kinetic 1/35 MaxPro

Started by JonE, Wed 01/10/18 08:40 AM

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Looking forward to seeing it as you build it. How are you going to replicate the Saber's flag?

Ryan K

What's wrong with airbrushing? You did well last time as I recall with the medec (sp?) on the jeep.


The vehicle. Jake on the right.


I have had this kit on my shelf along with a mine roller from BlastModels to build for my son. He was in Iraq with the 105th MP Co out of Buffalo, had a Sabers flag on the side of the vehicle. He lives in Rochester now, go Amerks! I will post picks as I make progress. At the moment I am still working on the undercarriage. I will paint and finish along the way. Kind of like an aircraft, I need to finish off the inside and button it up to finish the outside. Gonna force me to use a friggin airbrush again...ugh. Not impressed with the kit so far but it will look the part once completed. I folded up some cigs and water cases for stowage.