Anyone wanting to build an AH64 Apache

Started by Anthony Leger, Thu 05/26/22 08:49 AM

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Anthony Leger

Well underway on the AH64A from Monogram. This one has a lot of upgrades made to it prior to them switching to the Guardian editions in NC.  I've not glued the tail section so I could glue in the rear rotor and still have it turn. Just didn't want fiddly bits to get broken. Same with wire cutters on landing gear. They're go on soon though.

Ryan K

I have the Academy 1/72 AH-64A almost completed and 1/48 Hasegawa A with TwoBobs Steeler decals.

For the newest airframe E model 1/48

1/72 E option

Look forward to seeing what you are doing.

Anthony Leger

After our recent speaker I was motivated to look at my Apache stash. I suspect others were equally motivated from the insights gained. What a menacing looking aircraft and one that has had quite an impact. I still recall when I first moved to NC 20+ years ago seeing one fly overhead for the first time.

Anyone else planning to build an Apache?

I have the Monogram AH-64A, the Hasegawa AH-64A & D, though the D is slated for an Israeli conversion. The Hasegawa kit is quite nice. The venerable Monogram kit looks good though simpler and with some updating/detailing would look pretty nice. To be expected, there are some great references online for Monogram or Hasegawa enhancements. I'll use them as I start a Monogram build and do the Hasegawa one at a later date. While I'd love to have the newest AH-64E with the exhaust upward facing exhaust scoops, that will have to wait. A new kit purchase is not desirable and research shows to convert an A to an E would not be practical.  Stay tuned I'll post some progress pictures soon.